14 thoughts on “Am I ready to be out of work?

  1. rokawa says:

    I have to say that give that nothing to shout abt 10k monthly salary to a million or 2 individuals the chance in sg. They wont shout out loud. Probably cry in tears with gratefulness.

    Not gonna talk abt expense increase as income goes up.


    • an9elfire says:

      Hello R, usually expenses will increase when income increase. Most people will encounter that. But not people like AK or Christopher, or the other successful financial bloggers. I am also learning to be like them.


  2. Frugal Daddy says:


    I love reading your blog. I am in no position to give you advice since you have achieved Financial Independence earlier than me.

    However, I could be used as a “reminder” to you from a different perspective:

    1) Your income is definitely on a high side for more than maybe 80% of Singaporeans?

    2) You have achieved $29k passive income and you have the same amount of warchest for safety net. It is more than enough to live a better than average Singaporean life. If you still don’t have the courage to pursue anything because of money, you never will.

    3) You are not competing with anyone, lead the life you want, not the society want you to. We will all be dead one day.

    Frugal Daddy


    • an9elfire says:

      Thank you for reading what I write. Have not been writing much since my last post “Regrets”. Not difficult to guess why. But some people do like how I write and what I write about. So I will try to continue.
      Maybe I have indeed achieve FI, but funnily the feeling is not as great as I thought it might be. And as I contemplate leaving the rat race for good, the opportunity cost seems even higher now. I also hope I will be brave enough, but it is scary. And my peers wonder why I am not treading the easy path, but veering into the unknown. My greatest obstacle is myself, and I must learn to overcome my personal demons. I thank you for your encouragement. Thank you.


  3. tacomob says:

    Hi An9elfire,

    Now I finally know who you are ๐Ÿ˜‰

    What you are struggling with is quite common among people in their mid-life. I had similar thoughts. But then talking to elder people with more life experience who usually share regrets about things they have not done and hardly any regrets about what they have done, was telling me something. My conclusion: Just do it. Go my own way.

    One can always correct a move in the remote event that one regrets it.

    The fact is that this moment โ€“ right NOW โ€“ is where we are creating what we call our โ€œfutureโ€. Don’t wait to start living. but live in the now.

    “Stop dreaming about the future, start doing it now” sounds like a good advice to me.


  4. GP Blogger says:

    There is no time like the present.
    Time to get your dreams.
    I have just started on this journey of FI, but feel happy for others who have achieved it.
    Best of luck for the rest of your lives & go get your dreams


    • an9elfire says:

      Thank you. It is a worthwhile journey. The feeling of freedom and control u have when u don have to march to the tune of capitalism is invaluable. Even my bosses and colleagues notice the difference in my strides when I walked, compared to those who are burdened and yet stuck. Jia You!


  5. My 15HWW says:


    Guess I am a little bit late on the scene. =p

    Do take your time to ponder before making a decision. I probably can guess your vocation and if I am not wrong, with the number of years spent working, it is likely that you could be granted a 1/2 year or even a 1 year sabbatical.

    Can do a compare and contrast after the sabbatical and see which option is more suitable for you.

    For most that reaches the FI stage, there’s always that “unknown fear” that holds them back. It’s the primitive part of our brain at work. Big changes and going against the societal norm is scary, especially if the current status quo is rather comfortable.


    • an9elfire says:

      Hello 15HWW,

      Never too late to reply, and I will always try to reply as well ๐Ÿ™‚

      I had already done a 1 year sabbatical in 2013, and before that, a 1 year study break in 2009 as well. But still my heart remains restless. And the funny thing is, I am actually a good teacher. My students love my lessons and I teach them more than what the syllabus dictates; I teach them about life.

      So I am rather good at my job, but I don’t want to always work at this. Conflicting right? And I can’t think of what else to do that pays as well, or is as satisfying (at times at least).

      Mid life crisis? Or I am just plain silly? I don’t know. And what will I do next? I also don’t know. I will just take a step at a time. Scary to leave my job, but I comfort myself that at least I can.

      Thanks for leaving a comment ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. Ellaa says:


    Somehow, I stumbled upon this article in the most random fashion :D.

    Thanks for sharing your story, I find it an enjoyable read! Hehe. I no longer work full time due to different set of circumstances (no, I don’t have much passive income! I am still building them up), but I guess I can be considered to have been through ‘out of work’.

    I have two thoughts:
    First, before you even consider leaping out, are you ready for questions? A lot of questions, from your family, extended relatives and your friends. People will talk to you as though you are mad, you need to have a strong stomach and good temper for that. My father alone can drive me up the wall (still happen now once in a while). But we all know, aiyah life is too short to care about what others think too much, so you get ready some template answers then we move onto…

    Two, so if you don’t work for money now, what would you really do? Personally, I only started searching after I ended my work and came back from a blast of a trip. My working hours were too hectic to allow me to think and I was so shag then that I only wished to sleep more for a month haha. But having read your description, it sounds like your job moves at a non stressful pace (omg can at 3pm!), so I suggest to stay in your job first and plan a little! We can’t plan for everything but at least we need a simple structure in place. When you are finally out and have too much time, you may feel very lost, so don’t fall into that trap that I almost did.

    Having wrote too much (oops), all the best and I hope to see you update on this again!


    • an9elfire says:

      Hello Ellaa. Thanks for commenting. What was the “most random fashion” that u stumbled on this article? That should be interesting to hear.
      U no longer work full time ๐Ÿ™‚ wow. Congrats. How have u been coping with being “out of work”?
      I answer mostly to myself. My loved ones are supportive cos they believe in me. But that makes it even more “risky” as they are also staking on me to be able to live without working for money.
      The second issue is more troublesome. I haven’t come to terms with that yet. I love to travel. And play games. But there is only so much travels or games I can play before they prove to be not so fun. I sometimes feel that work exists so that leisure is exiting. Take away work, and holidays cease to be holidays. Then I may not look forward to them anymore. That will be really sad.
      Live life well ๐Ÿ™‚ cheers


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