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My first business class

my BIG annual budget

Financial Planning For 2017


The Road I Take

79 days of retirement

The Departure Chronicles: The End

My Last Lecture

Kopi Talk opens

The Departure Chronicles: this post is for my students

平凡也是一种幸福 (The joy of being ordinary)

The Departure Chronicles: Reflections of my 13 years

The Departure Chronicles: Giving notice

The Greed of Men

The straws on my back

Asset Finesse: Winning the Financial Game of Life

My lost sheep

How much do you save?


My 2015 in review

To be, or not to be…CPF debt free. 

And so it ends.

How you earn, how u spend

My Way of Wealth 

Am I ready to be out of work?


Faith and Courage

Where are my money?

The greatest love of all


I had a dream….

8 Reflections about Retirement Part 1

8 Reflections about Retirement Part 2

The old man in the hall

Only the rich can drive?

It pains to compare.

My own cup of tea

3 steps to retire in Singapore like Bogle

Cents and Sensibility Part 2

Cents and Sensibility Part 1.

What 3 students taught me about education

Book Revew: The napkin, the melon and the monkey

Big Fat Purse 1 day CNAV investment course

Book Review: Enough. True measures of Money, Business, and Life

Me and my Money