Kopi Talk

I am not a financial adviser. I do not represent any company or sell any financial products.

Read the comments from people I have chatted with before!

I retired from full time work at 42 years young. I am willing to share my ideas, provide advice on financial matters, and talk about how I try to lead a meaningful and happy life.

My friends look for me when they need advice on money matters e.g. insurance, CPF, properties, investments. I have no hidden agenda. I enjoy a good chat and meeting new friends.

I am also pleasant looking and a good conversationalist……I hope 🙂

I am available for Kopi Talk. We decide on a time and a comfortable place, you buy the drinks and we can talk. I stay in District 20 but I can meet in town.

Each chat last roughly for an hour, but I am flexible with my time.

You may read the comments from people I have met to chat before.

You may also simply write to me. It may take a while, but I promise to reply all emails. (Please note that I may use our emails for a blog post, but I will ensure total confidentiality. It is useful to hear the opinions of the community when the post is published)

Please contact me using the form below.