7 thoughts on “My Way of Wealth 

  1. Jared - SMOL says:


    Welcome back 😉

    A very subtle post on the reality of what it takes to be financially independent without being “dependent” on the mood swings of the markets.

    You are nice. You wear the white hat.

    Let me play the role of the black hat:

    1) I hope alert readers will notice the 17% share in equities beginning of the year and the 23% currently.

    “Luck” comes to those who are prepared.

    Something to think about for those who were close to 100% vested in equities early 2015.

    2) Reading between the lines, its clear when you achieve your 100k per annum passive income, the total share of equities would likely not exceed 50% share of your total portfolio 😉

    This may bring some disappointment to those who thought all we need is 2 million at 5% yield to achieve that fabled 100K per annum passive income…

    Of course can if we want to push it. It’s like the minimum and recommended PC requirements of softwares. We all know the user experience is better not at the minimum settings.

    I have one criticism though!

    That unfortunate choice of word “mimic” may do more harm than good to readers with weak cognitive skills.

    It would have been better if you had said you draw “inspirations” from AK and Christopher.

    We are Chinese.

    Our HK and Taiwan counterparts would prefer to be a king in a dog house than a servant in a palace. Hence the many SMEs over there.

    Although the energy here is not as strong, its still in our DNAs 😉

    Somehow I don’t see you as one who goes round sniffing the assess of others.

    Humility is fine. But you’ll soon be your own 一代宗师。

    We can’t stand on the shoulders of giants before us if we are not used to standing on our own two feet 😉

    Stand tall.


    • an9elfire says:

      Hi SMOL, I am my own man 🙂 I will like to have as high a passive income as AK or Christopher but our methods will be different, as we have different risk levels and opportunities. Besides stocks, I also have bonds, metals and currencies. So the stock % will never be fully 100%. In fact, if there is a suitable opportunity, I will like to add investment properties too.

      Always nice to see you around 🙂


      • Jared - SMOL says:

        The LION roars!!!

        I’m surprised many readers don’t know the techniques of verification.

        Silent readers who may want to “mimic” you now know they have to be proficient is multiple asset classes too 😉

        I’m with you on investment properties too. That’s something glaringly missing in my overall portfolio too 😦

        No hurry. Time is on our side 🙂


    • an9elfire says:

      Hello. Maybe I will do a post someday on my equities portfolio. But it is nothing exciting really. Mostly dividends stocks like telcos, sph, vicom, ocbc etc. But I don’t hold reits cos I don’t like the underlying structure. Recently I also started buying in kepcorp, jardine etc, stocks I believe has been sold down too much. Thanks


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