8 thoughts on “How much do you save?

  1. Finance Smith says:


    I read articles from MMM as well! The US Personal Finance and Investment bloggers are amazing and there’s such a wide range of articles as well as a large community of them. One of my favourites is Justin from Root of Good. His posts on how he retired at 33 really showed it’s possible to retire early by consistently saving & investing while reducing spending.



  2. Frugal Daddy says:


    You know, I think alike what I want to write with your latest post but I just can’t write as well as you i guess. I am an “weirdo” same as you because I am contended with what I have and I don’t consume much. People just find us weird in this aspect. haha.

    Did you come across Dr Lee Wei Ling’s latest article? : http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/more-to-life-than-the-pursuit-of-happiness

    I extract this part for your easy reference : But to some people, wealth is the most important thing in their life, and they are forever endeavouring to accumulate more wealth. Whenever they gain more, it is never enough, and they then plan or plot to gain even more. It is an endless pursuit in self-gratification with no meaningful purpose in life.

    Happiness, in whatever form one sees it, becomes more elusive the harder one tries to pursue it. That’s why my personal aim is much more realistic: All I ask for is calmness and contentment. These at least are partially within my control.

    I don’t believe pursuing happiness is an effective way to achieve happiness. By behaving well, and by helping our fellow humans negotiate the obstacles that are part of life are more effective ways to become happy. Doing so will make the people around us happy as well. There is nothing profound in this, but sometimes simple solutions can achieve what complex thought cannot.

    Here you see, you may not find “happy” daily after you quit your job, but I think you may find calmness and contentment more often than you are now, and that is what matter, isn’t?

    Here, I am truly happy for you knowing what you want and just a step away.


    • an9elfire says:

      Thanks for the reply. I read Dr Lee’s work whenever she publish. I think she writes well, and I like her unique perspectives. She always gives me food for deep thought, and is definitely smarter than me. I like to learn from people better than me, and she is one of them.
      I am trying to influence some of my friends to be weird, some success but I still have to keep trying. If only there are more weird people like us that do not consume so much, maybe the world will be less chaotic. Earth is dying, and I feel so helpless when I read of glaciers melting, record temperatures, and yet people are all still over consuming without regards to the environment.
      Wealth is important, but I place equal emphasis on health and relationships too. Happiness is my goal, but like what Dr Lee says, happiness is abstract and it is pursued differently by all of us. I am considering leaving my school service, not cos I am unhappy, but cos I think there should be more. I practice daily calmness and contentment as often as I can using various methods. But I do want my life to be more fulfilling and enriching.
      Health and happiness to all of us 🙂


  3. SS says:

    Hello An9elfire,

    Congratulations on achieving a 100% salary savings rate. It is a rare feat that few can achieve.

    You are definitely not alone in the blogsphere. I too, subscribe to the belief of saving every penny that I have no critical need for. I wish that I can have a 100% salary savings rate like you, but alas, I think I will never make it. I simply hope my passive income will cover my monthly expenses and a little more for that occasional treat.


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