16 thoughts on “The Departure Chronicles: Reflections of my 13 years

  1. Jared-SMOL says:


    Ah! With dead weights removed from your ankles, you may notice you’ll be “floating” for the first few weeks.

    Enjoy! Just mind that you don’t float too close to the sun.

    You know what happened to Icarus 😉

    When the honeymoon is over, you’ll discover the difference between joy and happiness 😉

    A panic attack or two may sneak up on you from time to time. What should I do today?

    Stay calm.

    The day you discover not doing anything is also “doing something”, you now know what’s bliss 🙂

    Ants may call it sloth though 😦


    Welcome to bumhood!


    • an9elfire says:

      HelloSMOL 🙂 I had practice “retiring” when I took a year off work in 2013. Now that I am doing it for real, I know roughly what to expect.

      I am going to be a MOL for a while too, just like u. But knowing me, I will soon be looking for new adventures 🙂


    • an9elfire says:

      Agreed. It took me a while to discover “Enough”. Now that I think I have enough, at least for a while, I am seeking new adventures for my life. I am still young, the world beckons 🙂 cheers


      • The Sun Always Shine says:

        I left last year. Its madness. From what I know from HQ, resignation rate is quite high. Esp those who finish the 3 years bond and during practicum. Like can’t wait to leave like that.
        Can try giving tuition if you really like teaching. More freedom also.
        Always look forward. Life is short. Never know when is the last day on earth. So must live happy.


      • an9elfire says:

        Hello TSAS, I am not the “finish 3 years bond, during practicum” types. I have seen those fresh faced graduates coming into service, enthusiastic and wanting to make a difference to the world 🙂 I am way past that enthusiasm. I support them (cos it’s good for the students) but I know how things always end up in.

        We need good teachers for the kids. I don’t think I will go into tuition. Did that many years ago. I didn’t quit to do stuff again for cash. I will look for new experiences. I have a few ideas now but am not acting on any yet. I want to totally chill for a while still 🙂

        Always be happy!!!


  2. Siak Lim says:

    First of all, congratulation for having the courage to break free from the environment that doesn’t motivate you.

    However, can you share exactly what you felt so bad that you have to quit? You mentioned you do like to teach and find the work meaningful. The only think I read are your colleagues who has bad attitudes. Can’t you just ignore them and focus on teaching the children?

    Sorry for asking such basic question, I’ve left corporate world and been doing my own business for too long, so cannot understand the problem…


    • an9elfire says:

      Hello Siak Lim, thanks for reading. Pls read my earlier post “the straws on my back” to see why I feel the way I do.

      Perhaps I have always been a freedom seeker. And now I am breaking free 🙂


  3. STE says:

    Yah! 平凡也是一种幸福!simple lifestyle and back to basic,,and know what is enough and when to stop ,,,welcome to MOL and be 樱樱美黛子! 😛
    Initially you may feel a bit strange but once times pass by,, u will get use to it ,,, for me and these 2 years ,, family bonding and quality time spent with my daughters while they are still yong ,,is priceless ,,, also , my health condition is also getting better with more exercise,,,money can’t all these ,, only time we have ,,cheers !


  4. Frugal Daddy says:

    Hi An9elfire

    This sounds like me : “I always have a restless spirit. I can’t be chained to anything for too long. I dislike following instructions cos of seniority, or doing things the same way cos it was the old way. I like order, but I prefer to bend the rules when I can.”

    Over the years, i do “learnt the hard way” that i need to follow some instructions, but only for the purpose to have a more enjoyable working relationships.

    Although i don’t know you in person, but am very certain that this is a choice that you will look back during your deathbed smiling.

    It takes 6 mths to 1 yr to detox away your working blood (habits), so embrace the uncertainty feeling and time to spend your last few short decades for yourself.

    Stay unique


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