6 thoughts on “The Departure Chronicles: The End

  1. 20008p1hchinese says:

    Hello sir! Nice to see you writing again! Hope your US trip was enjoyable. I hope you could come done during our bridging lessons to visit one of these days 😊 It would be nice to hear you share about your trip!


    • an9elfire says:

      Hello Keith. Thanks for your kind words. Your bridging lessons are next week right? I will be in school on tues. See if we are lucky to meet up then πŸ™‚ my USA trip was great. Good pictures, great company and a wonderful rest. And now for the rest of our lives πŸ™‚ our paths crossed for a while in school, maybe it will cross again some day. Meanwhile take care and be happy πŸ™‚

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  2. Hari Ram says:

    Hi sir nice to see ur posts aft a long time. School is very boring without u. I really am looking forward to ur posts. Sir i will meet u on tuesday and yea life is still boring…… would like to hear more abt u and hope that u will get a chance to be part of the 2020 tokyo olympics and i cant believe i missed thia poat of urs… v sorry


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