12 thoughts on “My Last Lecture

  1. Hari Ram says:

    Sir i am really glad to see ur post again. Gr8 to see that ur enjoying urself in san fransico. I really am very curious about the slides as i have not gotten a chance to be taught by u this year. Nevertheless u sacrifised ur free rime to talk with me. Thx a lot sir. Let me gues… the golden gate bridge must be super windy and cold!!! I just visited it in june. Enjoy yourself and i have not lost ur card yet


    • an9elfire says:

      Hello Ram. I used to write a new post once every month. Now that I am free, I will write more often. U can chat with the others I have taught. Ask them what I said that was impactful to them. We will have a chance to speak again some day, especially since u have my card 🙂


    • an9elfire says:

      Thanks Zachary. The pleasure is all mine. I hope I will have an impact on your life, that u will remember how I make u think and feel. And that will have made all the difference 🙂


  2. Frugal Daddy says:

    Hi An9elfire

    Looking at your powerpoint, I am worried it may not be a good thing for young mind to start their education with FIRE. Some may become “lazy” before they even tried. It will be great if they can do their best and know their objectives, but, they are inexperienced to internalise some concepts. Definitely, many of them will do better than us in future, especially because they have a great mentor like you.

    Thanks for your contribution to Singapore and wish that San Francisco will miss you dearly after your departure.



    • an9elfire says:

      Hello FD,

      I wanted to show them the end point first, cos to many of them, I seemed like the end point cos am able to retire early. School doesn’t teach FIRE cos it wants the citizens to work hard forever. But you and I know that is not the way to live. So I want to show the kids what is possible. Dreams can be dreamed cos a teacher showed what was possible.

      That being said, it is almost impossible to achieve FIRE if you are lazy. FI comes with discipline, frugality and determination. I know the kids are inexperienced now, but a seed planted into their minds may someday blossom into something great. And if they come to me still, I will continue guiding and teaching them.

      San Francisco missing me? I don’t think it will 🙂 but I have left my footprints there and it will be an adventure long remembered. I had contributed to the teaching service. I only hoped that my influence will someday bear good fruits among the students I had taught.

      Thank you 🙂


  3. Faithfully Yours says:

    Hi An9elfire,

    I’m an educator too, Will be leaving the service too at the end of the year.

    Will be exploring unschooling with my kids.

    And yes, FIRE is the reason why we are able to do it.




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