9 thoughts on “Kopi Talk opens

  1. Alice says:

    Thank you for the time and generosity in sharing your life experience and wide knowledge of everything. I’m glad to meet up with you and thru this chit-chat, it make me think again what I really want in life.
    Your advice on financial aspect encouraged me to organize myself to prepare for my retirement. It was an enjoyable and meaningful talk. Thanks!!!


  2. Evelyn says:

    Thank you for your time to meet up with me today.

    It has been an enjoyable session where you have so much to share and for me to learn from your life experiences.
    Thank you for sharing on how we can optimise the savings interest rates and also on forex trading which is my area of interest. I now have a better idea in managing my forex account.

    I do share your sentiment that when we do good we expect nothing in return. You walk the talk by unselfishly willing to share with others through your Kopi talk.

    Thanks once again. I greatly appreciate your kind gesture in sharing with me many great lessons especially on living a meaningful life too.


  3. tacomob says:

    I am grateful that we met up yesterday. It was an inspiring talk (at least for me). Over three hours we covered so many topics that my head was spinning a bit afterwards.

    I appreciate you sharing your secrets of achieving FI so early in life despite just being a regular guy. Actually I’d better write ‘because of being a regular guy’. Your secrets are actually not really secrets. It is all about frugality, determination, and patience. So simple, but not easy to follow through.

    Great to hear from you that you achieved all of this without stepping into risky investments and that the slow and steady path was the one towards your goal.

    All of what you shared confirms my belief that FI is within reach of many of us and does not have to remain a dream.

    The only thing lacking in our Kopi Talk was dissent. A bit of non-agreement would have been fun. Don’t you think so? Maybe we are just too similar.

    Now the only question remains: “What to do with all that freedom you gained from having enough money?”

    Surely, to live the way you want.

    Do you know what you want?

    Take your time for that and don’t be realistic.

    Among the best three pieces of advice that I received is this one:
    Stop Dreaming. Start Doing. And Don’t Ever Stop Dreaming.


  4. KW says:

    I had a good 3 hour Kopi talk with MMM today. It was a great selfless sharing experience and I had the chance to understand how you accumulated your wealth from almost nothing back in 2003.It was a combination of property investing, stock investing and prudent and smart wealth management that you got into your financial independence stage today.

    Time well spent which also reinforced the many principles that has been advocated times and again but the many financial bloggers on compounding, taking opportunity during crisis and having the right emotional state when investing. Glad to have found myself a mentor who could help me in future on my journey to financial independence as well.

    Thank you and wishing you a good year ahead on your free life! Huat ah!


  5. 15hourworkweek says:

    Thank you for agreeing to meet up and I learnt so much from our chat today. Be it stock investing, property investing or managing one’s time or resources.

    Although it spanned more than 3 hours, I am sure we have only touched the tip of the iceberg.

    Would be great if we could meet up in a few months again! And besides getting to know each other better, we could catch up on the progress of our respective goals!

    All the best with your bet!


  6. Allin says:

    Thank you for sharing your 3 hours with me today, I am learnt so much money management.

    It was a fruitful meeting with unbiased advise. especially on the CPF and wealth planning.

    All the best and Huat ah!


  7. Nellai says:

    Thank you for your time and inspiring talk .
    I dont know how 3 hours went yesterday .

    I have prepared few things to get it clarified from you , But you haven’t gave me that opportunity as you yourself covered all the topics/questions in my list .

    Yesterday talk gave me different perspective about Finance , Frugality, Investment ideas ,Insurance.

    Please keep blogging and continue this selfless knowledge sharing sessions and inspire others

    All the very best for your goals .


  8. Gladys says:

    Thank you for the 2.5 hours Kopi Talk session today!

    I am glad I made the move to contact you- sometimes it’s just different to talk about one’s personal FI experience face to face as compared to reading about it online.

    Learnt so much for me to reflect upon next few days (my head is spinning!) like the importance of capitalizing on opportunities, planning FI with my spouse, living life fully, play jar, CPF and other tips for me to consider going forward. It was really interesting to hear about your own journey and to meet a ‘retired’ person who is not your typical 65 year old on the street.

    Thank you once again for the candid sharing….. may the opportunities come soon so we can make full use of them!

    All the best and hope I can update you next time on my progress 🙂 In the meantime, do continue blogging!


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