6 thoughts on “平凡也是一种幸福 (The joy of being ordinary)

  1. Frugal Daddy says:


    If you read your blog title, it reads “Retire in Singapore Free”. If you read about me in your 1st post, it says “seeking financial freedom i.e.being free from financial worries so that I can lead the life that I want to. ”

    These were from the 2014 veraion of you. I am sure you are fully prepared to take charge of your life now, with bosses telling you how to 🙂

    Congratulations while i am still in the rat race


  2. disillusioned says:

    your views resonated with mine. i quit my job as i am not good at wayang. Also dillusioned that i had to slog but no rewards when compared to peers. life is such.. i rather be 平凡的人


    • an9elfire says:

      Hello. Thanks for reading. 人比人, 气死人. It is better not to compare. 平凡的人 have 平凡的幸福. When you are contented, you will find more peace within. Have a great life ahead 🙂


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