5 thoughts on “Asset Finesse: Winning the Financial Game of Life

  1. FFE says:


    Good to hear that you have managed to deliver lessons that were beyond your instructional program.

    I’ve always felt that some of my most important lesson were delivered in my capacity as CCA teacher and SEd teacher.



  2. Frugal Daddy says:


    Congratulations on winning twice in the game! One for yourself, another one for yourself and your students.

    Quote>> generate more cash to buy that game-winning property << Is it applicable in real life too when report shows total capital and rental yield of about 4-5% from property? I am just wondering too myself? Your thoughts?

    May i know what subject do you teach? How come you can touch on finance? Math? sec sch accounting? I heard MOE teacher nowadays swamped with admin and can't have time for any personal coaching anymore. True? Time management really bad for those complaining?


    • an9elfire says:

      Hello FD, so many queries 🙂 but I am an educator and will seek to help always.
      For property, I am conscious of 2 factors: location and price. I look for good locations with desirable factors e.g. Transport nodes, schools, employment. Then I wil consider the prices e.g. Psf compared with nearby properties, trend of prices, taxes, personal cash flow. Looking at the current Sg situation, based on these 2 factors, you must decide for yourself if you should buy. Everyone of us have different constraints. In the game, winning requires you to get a property. In life, I believe properties are where the BIG money will come from.
      In school, I teach only sports. I teach my students financial literacy when suitable opportunities arises. In the recent NCF competition, I taught them on the spot the key points to know. It was last minute, but they benefited.
      In schools, there are busy teachers and not so busy ones. There are busy periods of the year and off peak ones. There are people who work hard always and people who will complain regardlessly. For those complaining, check what they do in their free time and you will know if they are really swamped or just a wimp.
      Hope this helps 🙂


      • Frugal Daddy says:

        HI Angelfire

        To be honest, my aspiration was to be a teacher. Especially a sports or chinese teacher but more because I can help the students on their personal development and not just the academic content. I was once the lost sheep so i know exactly what is it like. I was told by other teachers friends that it is no longer possible to have additional time to go beyond what you supposed to teach given the amount of paperwork, reports and cca. So, I thought maybe after FI i would be a part time tuition teacher. My biggest goal now is to pick up my daughter when she is primary 1, after school. That mean another 4.5 year more for full time employment. Given your writing skill and your ability to do finance and FI so early, i thought you must be a scholar English, Math teacher or some sort of that. I am too narrow minded.

        Now, Property is still a no-no unless I know where to find distressed property selling at huge discount. I am subject to ABST too.

        Look forward to your next post.


      • an9elfire says:

        🙂 no offense taken, none given. The Singaporean mindset has been shaped greatly from the restrictive education we received. Even now, I tell my students that the education they are receiving is fundamentally similar to what I got 3 decades ago. Yet the world have changed so much. Maybe that’s why the young nowadays have mismatched expectations of what life should be like. I try, within my constraints, to teach my students right, but there is only so much I can do given their age, mindsets and abilities.

        On the property front, interesting times are coming. Many people are impatient. I hope not to make the same error.

        My next post should be interesting. I have just given notice 🙂


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