11 thoughts on “To be, or not to be…CPF debt free. 

  1. whowillbe says:


    Is there any difference if I use cash to pay off my mortgage and not use the cpf vs I use my cpf and then add in the equivalent in cash into my cpf account.

    Eg. I have outstanding mortgage payment of $5000 and I have $5000 cash.

    Scenario 1 – I use the $5000 cash to pay the mortgage and $5000 in cpf remains, earning interest.

    Scenario 2 – I use my $5000 in CPF to pay the mortgage and at the same time, top up my cpf using the $5000 cash.


  2. Serendib says:

    hey there, I held off “prepaying” my CPF until 2013 (if i recall correctly) when the CPF ceiling was redefined as just the balance in our CPF-OA. Prior to that, if your CPF-OA+SA was more than the ceiling (aka min sum) you couldnt top-up your SA (and get the tax benefit). In 2013, I was in a similar position as you – interest rates were even lower than they are now, and stocks and properties valuations were sky high. I was (and still am) looking to buy a private property, so the CPF-OA is building up as a nice war chest for that.


  3. Sanye says:

    “If I sell my place at 55 years of age, I will have to return about 80k in accrued interest back to my CPF from the proceeds of the sale! This is the 80k that CPF will actually pay me if I had not utilized my CPF for my place.”

    At 55 you will be able to withdraw your CPF after leaving the minimum sum behind. I you sell your property then, there is no need to pay anything to CPF since you will be withdrawing it out again.

    I will not do it but use the cash in hand to make investment with better return.


    • an9elfire says:

      Hi. After 55, if I sell the ppty, I need to return it back to CPF still right. I will have to return plus 80k. Although I can take it out again soon after, but there is the 80k that I pay back to my account and take out. Feels 不爽 🙂


  4. Jared - SMOL says:

    You’re being cheeky!

    I won’t bite your fishing line.

    While you were poking 3H and Roy Ngerng on the side, you forgot to check your six and got snookered by Sanye 😉

    I do agree with you it’s pretty simple. Either you do it or you don’t!



  5. LateBloomer says:

    CPF interest is not always a guaranteed 2.5% for the OA. The Government has already stated that it is link to the SGS + a certain percentage. And for the past few years, this number is lower than 2.5%.


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