4 thoughts on “I had a dream….

  1. 15hourworkweek says:


    Glad you managed to pursue your dream!

    I was lucky to be able to go for an overseas exchange that was heavily subsidised during my uni days. Have to say it’s one of the best experiences I ever had in my life.

    Was also quite sure that I wouldn’t have gone if not for the subsidies, which would have been a mistake?

    Therefore, I now urge anyone who can afford an overseas study or work experience to just go for it!


  2. Jared Seah says:

    Hello an9elfire,

    From one man of leisure to another, I raise my glass in toast to you 😉

    Here’s to dreams and may we realise them all except one! (This except one thing not all will grasp it)

    Too many of us are “busy” chasing goals, putting their dreams on the back burner…. And that’s provided we have a dream in the first place in the beginning

    Either that or we are forever in the “planning” mode… Using “planning” as as an euphemism to hide our worries and fears.

    Even if the Australian exchange rate has gone against you, I am sure you will find other solutions to our financial challenges.

    That’s the excitement of living!

    If everything went according to plan, we will be bored stiff!

    Retire or not retired 😉

    Cheers mate!


    • an9elfire says:

      All our dreams but one 🙂 buddha says that we need 3 things to be truly happy: someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for. If all dreams are so easily achieved, then where is the sweetness of life, and the joy of triumph 🙂


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