8 thoughts on “8 Reflections about Retirement Part 1

  1. Jes says:

    Hi Angelfire,

    It feels great to travel huh? It is not about wasting money, it gives us time to stop and appreciate beauty around us and reflect on life, like what you have blogged about.

    Retirement is scary because outside of work, we do not know what we can do to past time, and we can’t keep travelling anyway. Taking care of grandkids seems to be the popular choice for retired parents here. I noticed that my colleagues in USA all have retirement hobbies like pottery, carpentry, knitting, baking.. something that they look forward to and we should be like that too.


    • an9elfire says:

      Hello Jes. Travel is great. It opens up our eyes and let us appreciate what we have even more. Most people do not know how to handle retirement cos they have been working their whole life, so it can be scary suddenly with all the free time. It will be good to know how to use up the energy, whether it is with family, on hobbies, or doing stuff u have been wanting to for a long while. The trick is to plan the retirement. It can even mean more work, but work that is controlled, enjoyable and add value. As mentioned: work by choice, not because of no choice 🙂 cheers


  2. ladykiller says:

    Inspiring read. Thanks for sharing! I am particularly interested in what you wrote about meditation in Thailand. It’s not something many of us will instantly enjoy. I get restless within 2 minutes of attempting to meditate. But planning a trip to revolve around such a cleansing and calming activity is amazing.


    • an9elfire says:

      Hello. Meditation is really a powerful tool. In today fast paced and highly technological society I find meditation to be even more relevant. It requires practice and patience but trust me, the rewards are tremendous. Even the big banks and trading firms use meditation for their executives to perform better. And in the old days the samurai uses meditation to focus to kill better 🙂


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