8 thoughts on “The old man in the hall

  1. Desmond says:

    An excellent post that contravenes the many people caught up in the thick of things and oblivious to what’s truly happening in their lives.
    Remind me of a great poem by Edgar :
    Is all that we see or seem
    But a dream within a dream?

    Humans have spent considerable amount of time changing the course of actions that were made wrong and not realizing the past, present and future are but a continuous structure and not compartments on its own. The creative transformation of the human mind is at most the tip of the iceberg for many scientists and surgeons who are discovering what an amazing feat it is capable of.

    Nothing, absolutely nothing that exists in today’s world was not first an imagination of the human mind. After writing “what i want to be when i grow up” as composition in primary school, i think by and large the academics have shifted its focus on the ABCs to move ahead.

    I believe we can be like the old man in your story to reverse the past and alter the future. The formidable power of the mind is a heavenly gift to man but one that is not receiving its due attention and value. Man constantly seek out of himself for solution to his continuous problems he faced in life when he ought to seek within himself.

    Our thoughts are sufficient to turn the wheel backward util Troy unburn.


  2. Jared Seah says:


    What joy to find another blogger who writes more in words than numbers and squiggly lines on X and Y axes!

    A bit of philosophy, a bit of reflections, and a little bit of poetic irony.

    “And the list seems to be getting longer. It makes me wonder if I am too ambitious or too caught up in life, to honour my dreams.”

    Finally someone who would understand my poking fun of “collecting goals and objectives” like they were boy scout badges 😉

    If you interested to find out what retirement is like, take a year off like you did and you’ll know!

    Cheers and to the joy of writing!

    Jared -they call me SMOL for I am puny.


    • an9elfire says:

      Thanks Jared. I will also have my numbers and squiggly lines someday perhaps, but many others are doing a good job of that already 🙂
      Besides, I spend more time thinking, playing and enjoying my life. Not really on charts and numbers.
      Thanks for dropping by 🙂


  3. Mew ge says:

    Hi! Enjoyed this post a lot 🙂 no regrets for me, that’s my motto these days 🙂

    Living the life u want a upon retirement is not sound to me. We must savour it now and then and enjoy the things we can do now. In the past I wanted more games for my Sega, now with the money, and even if I can squeeze in the time, I don’t enjoy it anymore. Different fruits, different seasons. Once the season is over, there are other fruits to savour so no point lingering over the past 😉 Good memories last longer than the taste of the fruits, haha


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