8 thoughts on “Only the rich can drive?

  1. Desmond says:

    In the space of buying behavior, the thought processes that runs through each of us is different. We always buy emotionally and justify logically.
    Buying a car , especially a luxury one you mentioned has to be associated with status, power, etc that the consumer can relate to. Of course, this “emotional needs” are kept to himself as he would not disclose this to the salesperson.

    Of course, there will be a group of people like yourself who are savvy, thrifty and clear about what you want and thus would brand such purchase logically with the likes of COE, life span of car,etc.

    The power of advertising, social media and TV are constantly sending messages , “educating” us that these “material things” are what we need to fill up in our voids. And there is a saying, if you can decide for yourself, someone will do it for you. And many consumers have allowed them to do so, reluctantly or willing.

    Nice article, keep it up:)


    • an9elfire says:

      Thanks Desmond for coming by. I agree with the overpowering effect of advertising on consumers. Ads are everywhere, and they are designed by pros that know human nature well, to entice u to want to buy. And many people confuses their needs and wants. It is good enuf if they can afford, but in reality many are just consuming their future money. Well we cannot control others but I can control myself. 🙂 cheers


  2. Mew ge says:

    Anybody with sufficient income to own a debt can ‘own’ a car, lol! No big deal lah 🙂 if u see properly, there’s a chain attached to the person because of the debt. It’s only when we are stressed economically will we see who is really swimming in debts


  3. Richard says:

    I guess owning a car in Singapore is not necessary (as the Public Transport is so established and convenient), except for a few categories of people like those with kids or need car in their career (e.g. sales)


  4. Roy says:


    I’m an educator too. Don’t mind if I share a story.

    I had a colleague who once will comment that I’m a millionaire and I will reply that I am only if I sell my place of residence (all thanks to asset inflation) but I will have nowhere to stay.

    He commented a couple of times and my reply is always the same.

    Then one night, during a colleague’s wedding dinner, he said the same thing again but in the presence of my school VP. This time round, I had a good comeback line. I told him, “Yes I’m a millionaire. You want to know why I am and you are not? It’s because I drive a Latio and you drive a Volve S60.”

    He never comment again ever since. 🙂


    • an9elfire says:

      Hello Roy. Thanks for sharing your story. I used to drive a latio as well. But now driving the BMW: bus, mrt, walk. Guess that is why u read financial blogs, cos u understand the nature of wealth. Cheers 🙂


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